Notice of Privacy and Liability Limitation Policy

The Farmer Marketplace (hereinafter “the Ogleji”) is a platform created for the purpose of promoting healthy food access by facilitating the marketing of agricultural commodities of local farmers to buyers in Nigeria cities at an affordable cost.  Ogleji is a farmer and consumer and business marketplace.  Producers and buyers of agricultural commodities voluntarily provide publicly disseminated business contact information to facilitate transactions between them.  Participation in the Marketplace is dependent upon the provision of contact information, including person and/or business name, mailing and email address, and telephone number to enable producers and buyers to contact one another.  Such information also helps to ensure security and individuality of an online username and password when the Marketplace is utilized.

By voluntarily participating in the Marketplace, participants acknowledge that they are not providing personal information subject to the notice requirements and protections of the Information Practices Act and Government Code. Participants further acknowledge that any information provided is also subject to release upon request pursuant to the Public Records Act. Accordingly, the operation of the Marketplace does not entail the collection of “personal information”

The Marketplace operates solely to establish contact and manage the logistic of delivery between buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. Upon establishing such contact, and delivery the buyer and seller are solely responsible for all aspects of any subsequent transaction, including, but not limited to, negotiations, payment, documentation, and compliance with legal requirements.  Ogleji makes no representations about anyone who participates in the Marketplace and does not guarantee any transactions that may result as a consequence of such participation.  Participants are responsible for conducting their own due diligence and taking any action necessary to enforce their agreements.    Ogleji is not responsible for any part of a business transaction that participants voluntarily enter into after coming into contact with one another through the Marketplace

The Marketplace relies upon reasonable precautions to protect information provided by participants against loss, unauthorized access, and illegal use or disclosure. The Marketplace stores information in secure locations. Marketplace staff is trained on procedures for the release of information, and access to such information is limited to those staff whose work requires it.

The Marketplace position responsible for the implementation of and adherence to this privacy policy is the Agency Information Security Officer. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or Notice, please contact the General Counsel by writing to:


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