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A collaborative platform connecting rural farmers and Buyers, Logistics & Packaging to deliver fresh produce in a timely manner to any city in Nigeria. The platform makes available farmers and buyers related data and services, which contains farm produce arrivals & prices, buy & sell offers, facility for responding to the offers,  delivery, and payment among other services. We deliver to any of the major city in the following Nigeria states (Lagos and Port Harcourt ) and more coming soon

The Farmer Marketplace is platform featuring farm produce such as Benue Yam, Benue Garri, Benue fruit, grains, and other products for sale.
The Marketplace offers farmers the opportunity to post products and connect directly with buyers.
Primarily established to reduce communication barriers between buyers and sellers, It is free and open to the general public, family and commercial farmer,
including ranchers, producers, distributors, institutional buyers, community groups, and individual consumers.
Sellers can list products that are currently available and those that will be available in the coming months. You can identify your location, agriculture practices, and delivery methods.
Buyers can search for a product by region or throughout the state and filter results based on your own criteria, such as the level of farm liability insurance, price, pack size, or individual processing needs.
Log in to find what farmers throughout the state are growing; post new commodities; or generate an inquiry for a product you are looking to for. Once connected, you can complete your transaction independent from the site.

Ogleji is a solution that empowers farmers to work and communicate in new and innovative ways.
Connects smallholder Nigeria farmers with urban and export markets via the mobile app-enabled marketplace.
Ogleji negotiates with buyers to create demand and assures quality through its network of agents. This motivates smallholder farmers to move beyond subsistence and into cash crops that can feed Africa and the world.
Rural and remote farmers lack access to market urban or export markets and thus either are exploited by middlemen or have little motivation to grow cash crops. Farm inputs that might increase crop yield are costly, as they live on less than $2 a day.

Ogleji offers value to both suppliers and buyers. The farmers are motivated to grow crops for guaranteed buyers at favorable market prices.
Ogleji Agents further elevate product quality and crop yields through training on good agricultural practices and discounts on inputs. Buyers access a new source of supply, primarily organic, to meet growing urban and international demand. They receive high-quality produce, supply chain transparency, and pre-negotiated prices that cushion them from price fluctuations.
Ogleji is a platform that helps Nigerian farmers to get market information and improve their agriculture productivity. Ogleji gives up-to-date market information link farmers to buyers through our marketplace and current agri-trends. A transparency tool for Nigerian farmers where they simply use the BeepTool affordable Oyi-1 smartphone to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and find buyers for their produce.

Ogleji services:

  • Enabling farmers to inquire about current market prices of different crops from different regions and/or specific markets;
  • Aggregating farmers needs/orders and connecting them with farm input suppliers;
  • Enabling farmers to sell collectively and connecting them with a ready market player;
  • Connect with buyers and farmers around to sell their produce;
  • Notify farmers when to plant using our price trends and advising on how to buy fertilizer from Government;
  • Engage thousands of buyers directly when farmers’ produce is ready;
  • Step by step guide on how to plant your crop and reach optimum production.

We solve numerous problems:

  • Allowing farmers to find and close a better deal to get better pricing for their produce
  • Allowing farmers to focus on farming instead of looking for distribution
  • Reducing food waste at rural areas
  • Supply better quality produce to cities that are under-supplied (for start) – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other from the Benue state that held most production
  • Reducing need of imported products that provides better economical situation for farmers and also creates additional job due to produce anticipated growth and its’ effectiveness

Using communication as the main tagline of our goal – we connect farmers to clients and Buyers to farmers, our main asset.

We are starting from running web-platform allowing farmers and buyers to register, post/accept offers and make deals including get delivery organized and payment processed.

Our final model includes also mobile application – both Android and iOS version to make service more effective.

Basically – we connect two parties A and B and making sure their deal been sufficient, beneficial and secure.

  1. Farmer – get’s access to advice on farming and harvesting, fertilizers governmental program access, current market competitive pricing, etc. Able to place offer setting up the price – getting and accepting order process secure payment and get produce picked up and delivered to customer
  2. Buyer – get’s access to all offers available on the market from all farmers. Chose offer, communicate to farmer, pay for produce securely and get it delivered to the doorstep or moto-park for the small commission.

Ogleji business model involves commission paid by buyer, which is still good price accounting usability of service in general.

After the harvest, farmers search for the buyer that will pay the highest price for their crops. Many farmers lack information about prices and market demand. A new generation of mobile applications aims to arm farmers in Kenya with data about prices that can help improve the efficiency of the market. New research evaluates a potential solution to this problem. Ogleji is an app that allows farmers to send text messages requesting information about crop prices. Research shows that Ogleji provides valuable data to farmers and the platform also connects farmers with food suppliers.

The best evidence for the efficacy of the program was the farmer’s general willingness to use the app. For farmers using Ogleji app via Oyi-1 smartphone would benefit them when they were able to sell their crops for more.

A major advantage of Ogleji is the timeliness of the information that it provides. Farmers will be more confident that they could find a place to sell their harvest. Reducing the number of spoiled farm produce is an easy way to generate extra revenue for farmers.
Providing information about pricing, which crops are worth growing, and how much of a crop a farmer should grow all help farmers, but more comprehensive aid efforts are necessary to aid subsistence farmers in Nigeria and elsewhere.

The Ogleji matches farmers with local and urban buyers across Nigeria and also match them to the importer. It also offers important information using provided price trends to know the best time to plant your crops. Once the produce is ready Ogleji connects the farmer with thousands of ready buyers for the most ideal price.
The Ogleji perpetually being improved, it will soon unveil a guide on what you need to do to plant a typical crop to hit peak production. Farmers in remote areas who might want to remain ahead of their competition will find the market updates a treasure and vital. And a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform for smallholder farmers. the Ogleji users can ask and answer farming questions and share farming tips, via app or online, enabling farmers in rural areas without internet access to share information. The world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network. Putting power into the hands of our farmers, online or off, wherever we farm.
“We are digitalizing our agriculture to help ease agricultural processes, boost electronic commerce and provide open data for future farm use.”
Ogleji empowers Nigeria’s farmers with price transparency and market access

For many low-volume Nigerian farmers, the only source of information about the market rate for crops comes from the very people who are trying to buy them. The lack of pricing transparency means that farmers don’t always get the best deal. Ogleji seeks to solve this by providing up-to-date market prices via Ogleji, direct to farmers. It also connects farmers with buyers directly, cutting out the middlemen.

In addition to pricing information and group selling, Ogleji has also developed a group buying tool, allowing farmers to pool resources to negotiate better prices for things like fertilizer.

Transactions are all handled by Ogleji’s integrated payment system — drawing on mobile payment technology — but can also be plugged into people’s bank accounts (if they have one). When an order is placed through Ogleji, the farmer takes his or her produce to the designated collection point and sends a message to confirm the product has been delivered. The buyer then collects the produce and verifies the quantity and quality by sending a message to Ogleji. Once that’s been confirmed and the order has been fulfilled, the money is released by Ogleji to the farmer’s account. With larger orders where multiple farmers are involved, the money is distributed between different accounts.

Solution Overview & Benefits
Ogleji is a transparency tool for Nigerian farmers where they simply mobile app icon to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and find buyers for their produce. Ogleji gives farmers up-to-date market information link farmers to buyers through our marketplace and current agri-trends.

How it works: Power up you Oyi-1 android mobile device. Ogleji is embedded with the BeepTool smartphone
Our application is free So just hit Download and get real-time crop prices from Ogleji. We have a selection of 10 crops to start and prices from 5 Major Towns in Nigeria. The application delivers the latest prices for over the past 5 days of the week. We collect prices Monday to Saturday. Download and start making deals based on current market prices no matter based on the nearest market we are reporting from.

Ogleji is a for-profit organization, taking a transaction fee for every deal done using its platform. This will allow it to grow the number of users. Farmers in Nigeria could double their sales by using Ogleji.

Ogleji provides free marketing and trading tools for agricultural entrepreneurs. Find up-to-date market information, conduct trades, find business partners and increase bottom line profit. With Farming Solution, farmers can find the information they need to improve their agricultural and management practices – in the right format and at the right moment. Farming Solution complements technical assistance, fostering farmers’ autonomy to identify, plan improvements and monitor progress over time in their farms.

Farmers can:
• Identify challenges through self-assessment
• Plan improvements in their farms
• Learn how to implement adjustments with audiovisual resources
• Track progress towards better production
• Keep up-to-date with the sector and local news!
•Contract farming organizations
•Fertilizer & seed providers
• Farmer cooperatives

Information: prices observatories, standards, guides for good practices, etc.
Trade assistance: exploitation management, graphs and plots, resources management, etc.
Supply chain management: directory or list of suppliers, access to loans, analyses, and controls, expertise, etc.
Marketing: invitations to tender, negotiations, transactions, etc.
Communication: messaging, forum and alarms, etc.
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Bringing farmers in contact with buyers to trade and build their businesses together. A platform where farmers can trade their produce to a much larger number of customers. They thereby save on marketing expenses required to access such a customer base. Agro-processors, retailers and other buyers requiring reliable feedstock supply can access many farmers while making significant savings on time and resources with location-based services.

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Bringing farmers in contact with buyers to trade and build their businesses together


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